Cosmic Reich

As mentioned in the essay, An Introduction to Reichsfolk:

The ethical National-Socialism of Reichsfolk is an ethical evolution of the currently mis-understood and unfairly maligned National-Socialism established by Adolf Hitler, and which National-Socialism, correctly understood, was based upon honour, loyalty, duty and the pursuit of noble individual character and of a noble society. The name Reichsfolk itself expresses this – for we are, or rather we aim to establish, a new type of Reich or Reichs based upon the way of the folk, with our name thus keeping alive the connexion we are to Adolf Hitler, to the National-Socialist Reich, and to the vision of people such as Rudolf Hess, Leon Degrelle, Otto Ernst Remer, Savitri Devi, and many others.

In essence, the Third Reich – or as I prefer to call it, the first National-Socialist Reich – was a prelude to what might yet be. Its destruction, and the immolation of Adolf Hitler and his loyal comrades, provide us with the inspiration and the understanding necessary to consciously continue our evolution in a noble and numinous way.

This evolution, and this upward development of ourselves in terms of personal character, is toward what I prefer to call a Cosmic Reich – that is, toward us fulfilling the natural Destiny of all human beings which is to leave this planet which is only our temporary childhood home, with this evolution, this development, being founded upon the legacy of Adolf Hitler: on his intuitive manifestation of the numinous in that triumph of the will which was National-Socialist Germany, and an intuitive understanding now developed and given a conscious form in the ethical National-Socialism of Reichsfolk and similar groups.

As Myatt wrote:

Ever since I was twelve or thirteen years of age I have known that our ultimate Destiny lies in the exploration and conquest of Outer Space. Since those years, the prospect has excited and intrigued me – as it excites and intrigues many young people. It was this which led me to study Physics and join a scientific society dedicated to encouraging Space travel. Like millions of others, I sat for hours on end to watch the live television broadcasts of the first human ever to walk on the surface of the moon. But I was also aware, at that time, that only a certain type of society could pursue and make real this ultimate Destiny – that it needed a new type of person, and a society dedicated to something more than self-gratification and materialism. What was needed was a society composed of noble individuals who strove to work together for the common good and who were ennobled by pursuing idealistic goals such as exploration and conquest.

When I first learned of the existence of National-Socialist Germany, at the age of fifteen, I knew intuitively that here was the type of society that was needed – or at least a prototype for it. And it was this knowledge, and my understanding of National-Socialism, which above anything else inspired me to become active in politics and forsake my dream of becoming a Physicist and of finding some means to travel between the stars. I wanted and yearned to create the only type of society which could make this noble Destiny real. To me, the exploration and settlement of Outer Space – the creation of a Galactic Empire, a Cosmic Reich, a new Imperium, a Stellar Federation, or whatever we might call it – is the ultimate practical expression of the numinous, the human, the noble, essence that National-Socialist Germany under the guidance of Adolf Hitler made manifest.

NS Germany was a modern manifestation of the virtues of the noble warrior and of the pursuit and cultivation of arête. It is therefore no coincidence that: (1) National-Socialist Germany was destroyed by the ignoble machinations of the sly Magian with the willing help of the White Hordes of Homo Hubris before it could blossom forth and provide inspiration for others; (2) that a new faith, holocaustianity, had to be manufactured in an attempt to discredit National-Socialist Germany and its social and personal achievements; (3) that National-Socialism and Adolf Hitler have been the subjects a propaganda campaign of lies unprecedented in human history; (4) that those who praise and defend Hitler, National-Socialism, and NS Germany, are persecuted and often imprisoned in the so-called ‘free’ countries of the modern West; and (5) that those who refuse to accept the religion of holocaustianity are persecuted and imprisoned, and asked to ‘recant their heretical views’.

No coincidence, because in place of noble aspirations, the ethos of honour, the ethic of community and folk before self, and an appreciation of culture and manners – as manifest in NS Germany – there is now in all the societies of the modern West the cult of sex and pleasure, the ethos and pursuit of materialism, and that lack of self-control and lack of dignity and manners that the elevation of vulgarity of Homo Hubris brings.In addition, in place of laws deriving from honour and from natural (numinous) justice, there is and has been the manufacture of abstract laws based on some unnatural idea or ideas derived from some abstract Magian theory such as those pseudo-marxist and sociological ones that form the basis for has been termed ‘political correctness’.

For the cult of sex and pleasure, the ethos and pursuit of materialism, a lack of dignity and manners, and abstract laws, are necessary for the usurious capitalist un-folkish system of the Nature-hating Magian to flourish – for such things perpetuate and increase Homo Hubris, those toiling, tax-paying, mostly law-abiding drones that keep the whole rotten de-evolutionary tyrannical System going and which allows the privileged Magian cabal and their hubriati tocultivate and enjoy their wealth, power, and their privileges.

In place of such debilitating, un-numinous, materialism, the ethical National-Socialism of Reichsfolk is a means for us to know our true human nature and the importance of the folk, and thus can enable us to return to the path of honour, evolution,dignity, manners, and respect for Nature.

As such, Reichsfolk is the beginning of that change, that development – of ourselves and of our societies – that will enable us to fulfill our natural Destiny as human beings, which is to leave our childhood home to grow to maturity and seed ourselves among the stars of the Cosmos.

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