Given below is a link to a pdf file containing a collection of essays about ethical (non-racist) National-Socialism, issued under the imprint of Reichsfolk.

The document is an introduction to the ethical Weltanschaaung of Reichsfolk.

The majority of the essays are by David Myatt, and are of various dates, some dating from the 1990’s (CE). As stated in the introductory essay What is Ethical National-Socialism:

” Ethical National-Socialism is an explication, and evolution, of the National-Socialism of Adolf Hitler…Ethical National-Socialism thus represents not only the essence of the National-Socialism of Adolf Hitler, but is also a conscious and ethical development of that particular Weltanschauung, founded upon the ethical principles of honour, loyalty, and duty. “

The Ethical National-Socialism of Reichsfolk

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