Reichsfolk is committed to presenting the truthful reality of National-Socialism. The truth is that National-Socialism is an idealistic and noble way of life based upon the principles of honour, reason, fairness, loyalty, duty to one’s own people, and to Nature, and respect for and understanding of other cultures and other ways of life.

Reichsfolk is committed to introducing others to the civilized reality of National-Socialism, and to striving to implement the idealism of National-Socialism in practical ways, through civilized, cultured, reasonable means, without using any kind of force or coercion.

It should also be made clear that the kind of National-Socialism that Reichsfolk seeks to establish – and all pure, genuine, National-Socialist organizations seek to establish – is a civilized and rational National-Socialism that rejects and opposes any kind of oppression, subjugation and intolerance toward others on account of culture, belief or race. Reichsfolk also opens its arms in friendship to all the peoples of the world, on the basis of mutual respect and honour.

The enemies of Reichsfolk are corrupt politicians and those – of any race, culture and belief – who use dishonourable means to oppress, tyrannize and subjugate others, or who do dishonourable, ignoble things which take away or restrict the freedom, dignity and honour of others, and/or which take away the right of people to respect the ways of their own culture and live among their own kind according to their own honourable laws and customs.

Reichsfolk expresses the view that all who call themselves National-Socialists should reform themselves, and adopt the true and genuine National-Socialism which Reichsfolk upholds: a National-Socialism which, being based upon honour, asserts that National-Socialists must treat all people with courtesy and respect, regardless of their race, their culture, their way of life or their beliefs.

One of the fundamental aims of this true and genuine National-Socialism is the creation of free and independent nations, co-operating with each other on the basis of equal partnership, where the people of a particular culture and race can live, among their own kind according to their own honourable laws, traditions and customs, thus enabling the different cultures of the peoples of the world to survive and flourish.

Genuine National-Socialist organizations do not wish to implement National-Socialism forcibly but only in a peaceful, fair, cultural and educational way thus allowing the majority to walk upon the true path of honour, reason and liberty. If National-Socialism becomes the choice of the majority only then will it be implemented in a political way. If it does not become the choice of the majority, then National-Socialist movements, groups and organizations will strive to co-exist with other religions, ways of living, and beliefs, on the basis of mutual respect, tolerance, freedom and understanding. National-Socialism seeks to use methods which are fair, just, rational and honourable to find and implement solutions to all the complicated and difficult problems which confront our species.

This mutual respect, tolerance and understanding is how others should treat National-Socialists, and if they do not treat National-Socialists in this way, then they are acting dishonourably and accordingly are our enemies and the enemies of all those who uphold honour, reason, liberty and true justice.

Shropshire, England
May 10th 112 yf

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